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The best dog in the world
I had the best dog in the world, but I didn't deserve him.
I never quite figured out what breed he was, whether it was German shepherd, or husky, or... something else. He certainly had some wolf blood in him; that much you could tell just by looking. Sleek and shaggy, he had thick, white fur that looked coarse but was surprisingly soft to touch. Long muzzle, long legs with large paws, and long ears that were rounded at the tip; big floofy tail, and a great big doggie grin you couldn't help but smile back at.
He was super-smart, too. I could tell him anything, and I knew right away that he understood. He always understood me. What I was saying, what I was feeling, even what I was thinking; since the day we met, he knew me better than anyone.
I was on the common, sitting, reading. I'd just gotten off from work, and didn't want to go back to my empty apartment just yet. Besides, I thought I could use the fresh air after having breathed recycled Freon all day at the office, and read
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... is over, I can finally get my life sorted back together.

Handed in my final final today (and got back an A on a termpaper - yay!) so it's time to sort my life out!

Here is my to-do list to be completed by 12/31. A description of items is below, and I will mark things off as I can. These are not necessarily in order of importance, though the more urgent items will probably be closer to the top. I will also add to it as other things come up.

Things I need to do:

[/] Clean house/Set up study
---[/] Clean Room/Closet
---[ ] Clean Study
---[ ] Move Furniture
---[ ] Repair:
--- ~ [ ] Arm Chair**
--- ~ [ ] Futon**

[ ] Finish outstanding commissions**

[/] Finish Metamor Keep audio
---[/] Music
---[/] Audio Files

[/] Finish Isles Rules set

[/] Take commission Pre-Orders for Further Confusion
---[ ] Post examples of items available

[ ] Post material from school semester and other earlier projects from the year
---[ ] Printmaking
---[ ] Metalworking
---[ ] InDesign
---[ ] Renfaire/Christmas
--- ~ [/]Take Christmas Album orders

[ ] Relaunch website with portfolio
---[ ] Photoshop
---[ ] InDesign
---[ ] Digital Photography

[ ] Christmas shopping!

[/] Reconnect with old friends/new friends/people in general



[ ] Not-started or not enough progress to be pending
[/] Pending or in progress. May be elements that are completed
[x] Completed
---[ ] Subitem
** Item is urgent and can not be listed as pending. Either done or not done. Needs to be completed ASAP.


~Clean house/Set up study

One of the biggest stagnations to my commission work right now (aside from having a literal metric tonne of schoolwork this semester) is the fact that I don't have a dedicated studio space because it's still full of boxes from our move. I can't clean the study out until I clean our closet out, which I'm in the midst of doing. Once the closet is clean and organized, I can open the rest of the boxes and put them in storage if they contain things we don't need on a regular basis.

This frees up the study enough to move the futon (which is missing screws) up to the study and the easy chair (which needs a new bolt) back downstairs so we can open up the living room a bit more, and offer the study as a secondary area to go if things are too busy or too loud. This will also help me have a space to actually do my homework without being interrupted by otters who need to eat, sleep, play videogames or watch TV in the same room that I'm doing my homework in. = )

~Finish outstanding commissions**

This would have been at the top of the list, if it wasn't for the fact that having a quiet place to work will help me get these done a lot faster. I know I've got a lot of pending work still due (see list below) and I appreciate the patience people have shown. I don't have school for over a month now, so there's no reason these won't get done soon. I hate owing people things, whether it's time, money, or in this case art - some of which is over a year due. I'm terrible at this, but am getting better. I can't/won't start any new work until these are done, too, so these are technically at the top of my list.

~Finish Metamor Keep audio

Another project that's long overdue. Mostly done, but I need to clean some things up, add a couple more sound files, and get them over to   stealthcat ASAP.

That having been said, if anyone wants to record voices for the   the metamor keep project, note me or email me privately.

The game is already out, but hopefully Stealth will be willing to do a version 2.0... >.>

~Finish Isles Rules set

Another project that's finally moving along. I'm the head of the rules committee for my LARP, and we're aiming for a Jan 1 launchdate. Finally, I've been getting some help with getting this going, and we're due to be on track for that date as of right now.

~Take commission Pre-Orders for Further Confusion

I'm going to FC, but having some extra cash between now and then will be necessary to cover the cost of going. I'm officially taking pre-orders for FC. Any traditional art done between now and then will be hand delivered to you at the con.

All pre-orders before 1/1/11 get an additional 10% off on top of any other discounts that might be going on. Please keep in mind, though, that I will not be starting work on any of these pieces until after the new year AND until my current queue is clear.

Prices are here but may be updated soon:… (paypal: gwyndolan[at] )

I'll post more examples of what I can offer soon.

Some new ideas include:
--Coffee ground commissions - Using coffee as a sepia-toned wash for inked commissions
--Story and music commissions priced to order.
--Subservient fursuit - for $2 per request I will personally record video of me doing anything you like in my fursuit if it is possible. You'll get a downloadable link to save to your harddrive. May do this for $1 if you catch me on a Livestream night. ( or )

Post material from school semester and other earlier projects from the year

I want to share with you all what I HAVE been working on during my absence on the net here. Expect photos or scans soon.

--- ~ [/]Take Christmas Album orders

In June   aethan and I launched a Christmas Album for our home Renfaire. I'll be posting a couple of examples soon. The album will be available at a special price on FA for $5 for digital download. (paypal: gwyndolan[at] )

~Relaunch website with portfolio was down for a while. I've re-bought the domain and am recreating a brand new site to house my digital professional portfolio.

~Christmas shopping!

I haven't done any yet. = (

~Reconnect with old friends/new friends/people in general

Mostly because I've lost touch with a lot of you this semester. I will endeavor to be on AIM/MSN/Yahoo!/ICQ more often, but also feel free to drop me a note or email if we haven't talked in a while!

That's pretty much it for now. I'll add to the list if I have to, but that's a lot to do in 2 weeks! Wish me luck! = D
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